Red Letter Diary

Reflections on the words of Jesus (in red)

“Again it is written…”

Matthew 4:7

“Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.'”

Many hear these words and decide not to walk into traffic, asking God to stop the cars; however, YHWH spoke the universe, all of us and our thoughts, into reality, into existence… what can we do that would test Him?  God remains faithful to us even when we are unfaithful to Him.  Still, we should not see God as a doting grandfather ready with coins and candies no matter how we’ve acted.  Our will may fall out of alignment with God’s will when our expectation is for Him to grant every wish, fulfill every desire, stop every pain  – despite our relationship with Him.

God still maintains and sustains us throughout.  He cares for us and takes part in our sufferings, weeps when we weep, laughs when we laugh.  While we may be shaken or twisted off course, YHWH nudges us back into alignment when we let God do God’s work.  The only test is one of our trust, of our faithfulness, of our belief.

Satan asks us to doubt first, before walking into the oncoming cars – the accuser says, “Don’t you agree that if God were true, you would be invincible? Go and find out.”  Anyone can see the flaw in that lie.

Let yourself be as divine as God wants you to be and do not consider those who would trick you out of trust.


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