Red Letter Diary

Reflections on the words of Jesus (in red)

“Suffer it to be so for now…”

Matthew 3:15

“Suffer it to be so for now: for thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness.”

Let it be, let it lie, accept now, when you accept your now it beautifies you toward right alignment; loving your now directs you toward perfection and completeness in Messiah; “Us” refers ro your collaboration with divine providence; you and God beautify each other in your eternal relationship through your realization of your now moment as the crest of eternity’s rolling wave; “suffer”, to allow, to let, to accept, to let go of your expectations, may bring temporary discomfort as a means to lasting peace.

Christ wants us to understand that while some events in our lives seem arbitrary to us, we can accept them as evidence of our partnership with Him.

Wake up, but do not be startled, this is Our life. You within me, I within you and both in the Father as I am in the Father. This moment, no matter how average or thrilling, turbulent or still, is evidence of this. Our Now perpetually demonstrates the divine, regardless of your awareness.


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